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The GS FashUversity is a ministry of the 31 Women Sewing Circle. FashUversity is an online fashion education program including sewing classes and mentorship in apparel and accessory design to educate and train youth in the fashion design industry and sewing arts. Select projects are available for purchase at GSyndicates.com/shop.

FashUversity Trainings are offered online and include free resources to start and build sewing projects for yourself and others. Whether you are looking to maximize your economy or add something special to a holiday gift, I hope you enjoy being creative and utilizing these free tools. Various informational and guide pages are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced sewing artists. FashUversity sewing project guides are free for your educational and recreational use. For other use permissions, please contact the author / designer. Thank you for your patience while courses and resources are posted.

Free Training

Course Course Title Fee Register Now
FV 101 Introduction to Sewing Arts Free Register
FV 102 Introduction to Apparel Design Free Register
FV 103 Introduction to Jewelry Design Free Register
FV 104 Beginner Sewing Arts – Basic Crafts Free Register
FV 201 Intermediate Sewing Arts – Home Décor Free Register
FV 202 Intermediate Sewing Arts – Accessories Free Register
FV 301 Advanced Sewing Arts – Women’s Apparel Free Register
FV 302 Advanced Sewing Arts – Men’s Apparel Free Register

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