Apparel_Suits_Rose3-Kneedow_SKU-4001_Metallic-JeanAbout the Rose3 Suit

The Rose3 Jacket

The Rose3 Suit features the signature GS collar, which is convertible for at least three looks. The designer’s favorite is the original “rose” look collar which frames the neck with the appearance of petals extending up from the shoulders. This look (shown at left) is how the collar got its flowery name. With experimentation, the collar was transformed into the additional two collar shapes shown on this page. You may even discover other great looks!

The Kneedow Skirt

The Rose3 jacket is paired with a signature GS Kneedow skirt. The Kneedow (pronounced knee-doe) skirt is a wardrobe must-have for all occasions. It combines classic style with a hint of runway flair. The Kneedow is a knee-framing window in the skirt hem.


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