This page lists available fabrics the GShawl. For special orders or to submit a fabric with your order for a 10% savings, please click Order Now on the product page. The order form will display. In the “Fabric Options” section of the order form, please select “Request Fabric Review” from the fabric options drop down menu. Some fabrics may not be suitable for all garments. The purpose of a fabric review is to ensure the compatibility of your selected fabric with the garment you chose. There is no charge for fabric review. If this option is active on your submitted order form, a representative will contact you for further details.

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3444361_Print_Brown_w_Swirls-Red_WEB 3683190_Burlap_Printed-Black-BELIEVE_WEB 8631427_Print_PremiumQuilt_Tatsu-Black-Red_WEB 8525537_Print_Calico_Zebra-Black-White_WEB

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