Apparel_Dresses_Kneedow_001_Red_w_GShawl_001About the GShawl

The GShawl (pronounced G Shawl) is totally unique piece with custom draping that will not be lost when you remove the garment. The pattern resembles a “g” and is named for the designer, “G” (Graham) and “S” Shenica shawl. The draping gives a sophisticated look to upscale any simple dress in any color represented in the shawl. It is one-piece, simple to wear and looks fantastic in less than a minute. No more shawl laying sessions where you need a brooch and thirty minutes to get the right flowing look over one shoulder. The uniquely fashioned pieces give this shawl extra flow on the draped side.

Get the Look in 60 seconds or less.

This is the perfect ten shawl. You do not need to know how to drape fabric to achieve the same great look every time you wear this piece. Typically, shawls of this nature come in one long piece of fabric that looks great on a mannequin – and when you get it home, or after having it cleaned, it is laid over a hanger in one long strip of unrecognizable fabric. The GShawl makes the fashionista’s life easy, by being pre-draped and stitched at key points so you can wear it without the fuss of having to totally re-shape the fabric every time you want to dress up. Simply apply the shawl over the head and position over the shoulders. Your look is a hot topic in just two steps!

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