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How It Works

More Than The Clothes You Wear

GSyndicates is envisioned as a fashion, sewing, modeling hybrid combining the best industry talents. GS will create a socio-professional network promoting positive self-image and creating unique opportunities for fashion industry stars including designers, models, and photographers. For this reason, GSyndicates is about more than the clothes you wear. Part of its mission is to help promote a positive self-image – something that will never go out of style.

Style In Motion

GSyndicates is “style in motion,” moving designs from concept to personality in the fashion world. This unique character is driven by social media as designs are shared on Facebook, pinned at Pinterest, Tweeted, Blogged, and worn with style.

A Unique Design Community

GSyndicates fashion professionals are called, “GStyle Experts.” GStyle Experts influence product flow by voting on new designs, requesting in-store releases, and more. Fashion experts bring their marketing, design, fabrication, and other skills to the community and earn a stake in the GSyndicates business. GStyle Community members and partners can earn stock, cash, and free products.

A New Era of American Made

GSyndicates is the first American manufacturing team of its kind, born and bred online, with a global incentive to buy American. The GSyndicates fashion community helps design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell the GSyndicates brand. Though many US textile companies of the industrial age have faded away, GSyndicates offers a new era of quality products made in the USA.

The GSyndicates Model

GSyndicates Model

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