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About GSyndicatesGStyle from day to night
& dazzle to divalicious™.

This is the look you’ve been looking for.

GSyndicates (GS) is an e-commerce beauty and fashion hub at The business inaugurated in November of 2013 and will transition at or before the start of 2015 to a Limited Liability Company (LLC). GS is “style in motion,” moving designs from concept to personality in the fashion world. This unique character is driven by social media as designs are shared on Facebook, pinned at Pinterest, Tweeted, blogged, and worn with confidence.

The GS mission is “style from day to night and dazzle to divalicious.™ My motto is, “This is the look you’ve been looking for.” The GS specialty is “comfortable elegance, providing custom tailored apparel and accessories designed to turn up the style in any wardrobe. Services comprise total image consulting. A forthcoming GS beauty product line including skin care and makeup, hair care, and hair accessories is planned for Spring 2015.

Request a personal style consultation and shop now at Visit the GStyle Concierge blog for tips and info to make your look work from day to night. Discover GS Brands.

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