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House of Sherell, the premiere Iowa fashion house, manages the operations of Sherell Ra Sha’s fashion design enterprise and pioneer a path to put Iowa on the fashion map. From showcase to runway and news to reviews, the House of Sherell will be the standout leader of the Iowa fashion moguls. It will specialize in high-end, custom-tailored, convertible (day-to-night) apparel and accessories.

Ra Sha Publications manages the operations of Sherell Ra Sha Inc’s print and digital publishing and marketing visions, including a print and online magazine promoting the works of all Sherell Ra Sha departments, and a bookstore featuring authors managed by Ra Sha Publications. This department will specialize in development and promotion of Iowa Authors. Check our premiere fashion magazine, Haute Midwest – The Midwest Fashion Experience.

Haute Midwest Magazine

Ra Sha Records manages the operations of Sherell Ra Sha Inc’s music recording, publishing, and promotion visions, including artist management specializing in discovering and developing Iowa talent.

CoSign manages and advances Sherell Ra Sha’s consignment and retail service department, tailored to the small business owner, providing opportunities for new artists, designers, and other producing professionals to reach a broader market through our growing network.

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