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Our Founder: Deborah K. “Sunshine” Morris

Mrs. Morris is the Founder and CEO of Sherell Ra Sha Inc. From the age of six, Mrs. Morris carried the dream of launching a fashion mogul.

She is now capitalizing on the many skills gained from her leadership role as a Supply Sargent in the US Army.

In 2007, she founded Sherell Ra Sha Inc, a consignment and service company with a vision of helping families recover from poverty and natural disaster. This leap secured the fact of faith in her vision. The business saw its first major progress when Mrs. Morris enrolled in a fashion design program at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) in the fall of 2011, leading to development of the first fashion show, which was held in 2013.

Part of a heritage of entrepreneurs, Mrs. Morris has served veterans and civilian families for over fifty years with a variety of talents. She is a gifted seamstress and a creative force which has inspired and empowered others.

In addition to corporate events, Deborah Morris has a passion for Tupperware and has been a Tupperware consultant/manager for the last 20 years.

A True Survivor

In September of 2019 we were grateful to report that our founder was cancer free after a successful lumpectomy. Unfortunately, a second cancerous mode developed in January of 2020. This breast cancer was removed by mastectomy. We are grateful that our founder is once again on her way to becoming cancer free.

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