New Book Release – Shine: A Woman of Purpose


Shine: A Woman of Purpose

By Shenica Graham

About The Shine Series

The Shine series is the manifestation of decades of soul-searching, questioning, and re-discovering God’s unmerited and miraculous favor and grace. I had a calling on my life.

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At sixteen, I accepted the call; yet, I was a beautiful mess (until I was just a mess) and fell away from the light. I searched for a resource like the one you are reading when I was lost in a lack of purpose. I needed a new normal; a new default. I needed a renewed mind. Even as I became reclusive, I still felt a strong anointing. I was pregnant with purpose. I began writing the resources that would help with the emotional, natural, and spiritual issues that intertwined in my ravaged life. When I stopped asking, “Why me?” and started counting my blessings, purpose began to blossom. Words were birthed from my spirit that brought emotional healing to my life.

The Shine series was born to address the wholeness that I had no idea how to cultivate from a realm of various mental health challenges before building this cornerstone. This series is an effort to create the resources I was looking for. After several hospitalizations and other challenges, progress on the books and other tools slowed to a screeching halt. I had lost my core connection. I did not know who I was, or what to do about it. I was off-center and failing again and again at being who God called me to be. These pages are a well of gratefulness to the Almighty God who had mercy on me. I believe that some are translated from words that I hope will minister to your soul the hope that they planted within me. I want to help others on the path to recovery and wholeness. I wish you hope and healing in these pages.

How to Use This Series

Use this series to cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. When God presses upon us – whether by direct communication or divine inspiration, to come after Him afresh, He is showing His awesome character of mercy. He reminds us once again that He has promised to restore each one of us [1] when and if we who are called by His name do humble ourselves and pray. This book will help women discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. The personal journey to your God-given purpose opens a world of discovery. Each person in his or her lifetime needs to pursue it.

Not every person will begin this journey at the same age or level of spiritual maturity. Since you are designed to find and fulfill your purpose, a way has been prepared. Stay on the path. While a cathartic moment can help, a mere statement that you have a purpose is not enough to make you fulfill it. Finding your purpose is a matter of will: will you submit to God’s will. Remember that knowing your purpose is only as powerful as your commitment to act in terms of your purpose. If you choose to live according to your God-given purpose, it is that choice that empowers you to do the things that you should do. This book will help women discover and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Maximize Your Life With a Powerful Learning System

The Shine series is part of the Seeds of Promise Devotional Series which includes books and other publications, study helps, seminars and music designed to nurture people of faith. The series also includes tailored outreach materials to help the inspired witness and growing Christian congregations. The Seeds of Promise trademark is Bible-based resources dealing with specific topics of interest to the body of believers. It tackles the tough questions sometimes glossed over in other study tools. The refreshing highlight of this series is its focus on practical applications of the living Word. Many books explain what the Holy Scriptures mean. This series is more than a translation aid for everyday language. It teaches the reader how to take the Word of God everywhere in life – in the heart.

When combined, these tools comprise a powerful system, which can be successfully used in many Bible-based programs. From individual, personal growth studies to instructor-led refresher courses and training on Christian leadership at various levels, incorporating the Seeds of Promise devotional series helps create a memorable, enriching experience. Using the complete system and completing each volume at the suggested daily pace results in a full year of Bible-based study. The bonus music CD is great for easy listening between lessons and renewing your mind of faith while traveling short or long distances. For maximum benefit, use the complete system including available online tools.

How to Get The Most Out of This Series

To maximize your experience with the Shine series, do not rush through the content. There may be times when you are eager to see what comes next. However, you should proceed to a subsequent section only after you have fully understood the previous section, and after you have completed all of the activities in the previous section. In addition to carefully reading the Shine: A Woman of Purpose book, you should utilize all of the available additional resources found on this site and at WiSeekU.


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Shenica R. Graham

An entrepreneur at Graham Global Enterprises. A World Changer at GSyndicates WorldWide. A Media Missionary at Heir Force University. A Creative Director at GSyndicates Media. A designer of dreams at Haute Midwest Enterprises.

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