Narrowing The Gap

Haute Midwest was live on location at “Narrowing the Gap: Connecting the Fashion Industry and Iowans with Disabilities” (below, CIO with Keynote speaker Stephanie Thomas).

This is the second year that DIsability Rights Iowa has teamed up with fashion moguls to bring a new perspective to the Haute Midwest. This year, students designed adaptable clothing for persons with disabilities. They had initial measurements, pattern makimng , sample making, fittings, and finally modeling by the clients.

The Gala was held at the Iowa Culinary Institute with a fashion show / cocktail hour followed by a buffet dinner and the keynote speaker on the subject of a disability fashion stylist. HM sat with Courtney Conlin (below) who led the round table discussion.

Also at our table were Jami (left) and Aubrey (featured photo).

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Shenica R. Graham

An entrepreneur at Graham Global Enterprises. A World Changer at GSyndicates WorldWide. A Media Missionary at Heir Force University. A Creative Director at GSyndicates Media. A designer of dreams at Haute Midwest Enterprises.

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