2019 Fashion Week


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Event Overview

Haute Midwest Magazine (HM) online is celebrating its 7-year anniversary (November 7th, 2019) with a showcase of Midwest designers in a virtual runway week. HM will award a “Designer of The Year” honor to one Midwest fashion designer during Haute Midwest Fashion Week. Registration is open now!

Please make your participant registration purchase(s) using PayPal. The fee is $ 15 per designer. Click the checkout button below. A receipt will be emailed to you once your order is processed.


Broadcasts will be available beginning Monday, November 11th, 2019. New broadcasts will be posted each day until all segments are published at hautemidwest.wordpress.com before the closing events on Friday, November 15th, 2019.

2019 Fashion Week Showcase Events

  • Haute Midwest Fashion Week. 2019 broadcasts will air online during the week of Monday, November 11th, thru Friday, November 15th in primetime.
  • Showcase Portals. New broadcasts will be posted each day at hautemidwest.wordpress.com and at select premium Websites until and unless all public segments are published before the closing events on Friday, November 15th.
  • Behind the Scenes. Pre-production, Editor’s cuts will air intermittently, throughout the selection process. Therefore, designers who are not selected for the Haute Midwest Fashion Week broadcasts may still be featured in Haute Midwest Magazine online at hautemidwest.wordpress.com.
  • Designer Spotlights. Editor’s choice designs will be featured in HM Designer Spotlights, airing at hautemidwest.wordpress.com and other premium sites.
  • Designer Showcase. Designs selected for the Haute Midwest Fashion Week Designer Showcase will feature the most celebrated and fabulous designs from among all submissions.
  • After Party (dependent upon participation). Designers selected for the fashion week showcase will be invited to join industry professionals and special guests to network and enjoy other elements to be announced.

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Shenica R. Graham

An entrepreneur at Graham Global Enterprises. A World Changer at GSyndicates WorldWide. A Media Missionary at Heir Force University. A Creative Director at GSyndicates Media. A designer of dreams at Haute Midwest Enterprises.

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